Useful Links

This page is for any CNC-related links.

Feel free to add more.


General info: Electronics for RepRap, could be repurposed for other machines. (estimate size of steppers needed for a given performance) (tutorial on stepper motors) (dust collectors) (dust collectors) (links page at a Taig dealer's website) (Huge links page) (Lots of useful info)  (standard pinout for driver boards) 


Suppliers: LiniStepper driver kit SLAm stepper driver kit Stock Drive Products (bearings) (Low cost stepper driver based on the A3967 chip, also available from Sparkfun) (This is a hobby servo, I don't know if it could drive a CNC machine)


Plans: smaller than what I had in mind, but some clever designs here. very small CNC machine built for $100 (6"x10" working area) "Machines that make", including plans 4'x8' plasma cutter blog related to above  Interesting modular design


Software:  Arduino-based CNC controller (G-code interpreter) EMC2 (Enhanced Machine Controller), written by NIST, runs on Linux